Friday, May 1, 2009

Things You Don't Expect

There have been a lot of surprises during the pregnancy. I thought babies kicked - I didn't realize that sometimes they poked their elbow into your side and then moved it across your body. I thought Noelle would have crazy cravings - I didn't think she would stop being able to stomach certain foods (we miss you, chicken). I thought the epidural would help Noelle make it through contractions - I didn't think it would be so nice that she could sleep through contractions.

Things have quieted down and Noelle is sleeping again. It will be a while before we meet Tator Tot, but Noelle is no longer in as much pain, so all is so much better.


shane said...

Glad to hear about Noelle right now. Thinking about all THREE of you.

Rob MacGregor said...

I think you accidentally capitalized part of your response. :)

Dad & Mum said...

Thinking of you all the time. We are with you in spirit. Get some rest too!!

penny said...

glad to know she got the epidural pretty quickly. Sometimes you have to wait a while before they come and give it. Get some sleep too if you can... you may be up at 3am helping her push! xo

penny said...

Just saw your other comment... sorry you had to wait and hour and a halF!!! That sucks!

The Kemps said...

I can't stay awake any longer!! I don't want to miss anything but I must go to sleep! It's closing on midnight here...lots of love!

Bethany said...

Rob and Noelle's Care Calendar is online. Use the info below if you'd like to bring the MacGregor's dinner one night after Tater Tot (along with Mommy and Daddy) comes home from the hospital.

Please send to others who may be interested in helping.

The HELPER logon is used by family and friends
that would like to sign-up to help a loved one.

To access TBD MacGregor's Family's personal CareCalendar site,
visit and enter the following
information in the appropriate spaces:


Joe and Shannon said...

Hey guys, I'm slowing down for the night but feel free to call me whenever. Hope everything is going well!

dougnlarry said...

Can't wait to hear about his arrival! Thinking of you all tonight...