Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday in Spring

Jackson made his second trip up to Spring, Texas today. It was a two-part trip with the first stop at Grandma and Granddad's house. He got some good quality time with the both, was able to play with some trucks for the first time, and was introduced to Grandma and Granddad's new clock.

The second stop and primary reason for our journey up north was for Sanae and Omar's picnic. It was great to see Sanae and little Sarah again and meet Omar for the first time. The food and company were both great and Jackson has a new little friend in Sarah who was as sweet as ever. She wanted to cuddle with Jackson, hold him, and (my favorite) teach him to play games. We were both so glad to see that Sarah is a little game player. We even got a quick game of Uno in. My camera battery died, so these are the three pictures I was able to take before my battery completely died.

Luckily, Rob had his as a back-up.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Jackson's First Turkey Day - Part 2

After being reunited, at the parade, with his Grandparents on the MacGregor side, we returned home to the smell of delicious turkey in the oven. Grandma Stockman was already there with the turkey almost finished. We had some snacks and finished the other dishes before sitting down for Thanksgiving linner. It was a little bit of a squeeze to get 11 people around the table, but we managed. Since it was Thanksgiving, Jackson had some sweet potatoes for dinner and then some applesauce while we had apple pie. Jackson still hates bananas, but loves applesauce. We read that babies have to be exposed to something they don't like 10 times before they will begin to develop a taste for it. We're on number 5 for the bananas. We'll let you know how #10 goes. Carrots are next!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jackson's First Turkey Day

Every year on Thanksgiving Rob insists that we get up early, pack up the blankets and hot tang and head into town to yell at floats and marching bands as they pass by. Each year we arrive early to ensure that we have the "best" spot at the front of the crowd to yell random children's names in hopes that someone in the band of 100 has that name. We wait on the corner until the street is blocked off and stake our claim by spreading as many large blankets across the street as possible to make sure everyone in our group has a good view. We know we can always count on the Goulds to get there early and help grab the spot. Even when Bethany is pregnant, she will get that spot. There's no stopping her. This year, when we arrived, Sally (first timer) had already arrived with her son Cash and claimed a great spot on the curb, which meant no waiting for the street to get blocked off. It was a different spot than usual, but great none-the-less. But, it was in front of the ropes. We were all settling in, Jackson was getting his second meal of the day,

and friends were arriving. Then, a police officer came up to us and told us that we had to move behind the ropes. We tried to argue with her, since we were on the curb and out of the street. She wasn't having it. She claimed that last year a child got hit by a float because he wasn't behind the rope, so everyone had to be behind the rope. We think she was lying. I think Bethany was already across the street before she even finished her explanation. She was ready to stake claim when the street was closed. In the meantime, I went to talk to another police officer and asked him about the rope issue since we were out of the street. He said that we were fine as long as we were out of the street and he had already told the other office this. So, we were able to keep our spot.

Jackson experienced his first parade as did Sally and Cash and a few other friends. We had a few no-shows as usual. The bed is awfully comfortable that early in the morning on Thanksgiving, so we understand. And Jackson debuted the turkey costume. Although it was 6-9 months, it was too short for his long body. It was supposed to cover his feet, but really looked more like capris. But, it worked. Fun was had by all. This is Jackson with his new friend Cash. They are holding hands - so cute.

I think this picture looks morbid.

This crazy lady snatched Jackson out of our hands and demanded that we take a picture of them together. I don't think she realized she'd never see the picture.

We had our typical "We've got turkey, yes we do, we've got turkey, how about you" shouting match with the other side of the street.

Someone on the other side had this sign...

Chris did his usual yo-yo tricks, but not only did he get attention from the crowd - this year he was interviewed for tv. Click here for the segement.

Jackson took a little nap during the parade.

He also tried to drive us home.

Oh yeah - and Rob felt justified sitting on the front row (after years of guilt) because he has a baby.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Yams - First Veggie

Three posts within 36 hours. Not too bad, eh? I don't know why it's spaced out like it is. It doesn't look like that in my compose screen...?

" Yuck! What are you feeding me?"

"Hmmm. Maybe it's not so bad."

"Okay, I'll have some more."

"Don't forget the water!"


The boys
(L-R) Jackson, Cash, Austin and Tripp

Will and Jason

J & J (Jill and Jackson)


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Action Jackson

We are being awful at keeping this updated. Jackson is feeling much better! He hasn't had a fever in a week and his cough is almost gone. He's as cute as ever and we will post more pictures one day soon. He is scooting around like crazy and rocking on his knees. One day, very soon, he will be crawling. We're not sure what we'll do then! Time to start baby proofing the house.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jackson Update

Our poor little baby. I thought Swine Flu was the worst illness Jackson could/would encounter. Unfortunately, the upper respiratory infection that Jackson has now seems worse to me. Maybe it's because I'm living it right now, but it's hard to watch. Poor little guy's fever went from 101 on Sunday to 103 last night. I'm not sure what it is today... His cough is worse. He winces when he coughs and sometimes he cries at the end of it. He is throwing up when he eats and when he gets his medicine. He is having trouble sleeping and is wimpering in his sleep. All he wants is to be held. It's just sad. When I went home to feed him during lunch today, I still got a little smile so all is not lost.

Good things

First of all we'd like to congratulate the Goulds on their news. TBD is a boy! The same day we found this out - we found out the Carters are expecting #2. Jill is due in May with her little bundle of joy.

With all the current stress, it's nice to hear some good news.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend at the Dark Cabin

For some reason I am having trouble posting pics. I have been holding off on posting this, but I give up for now. Here you go. Pictures to come later.

This weekend we were able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors away from the craziness of work and Houston. Friday night Noelle had to work the Rockets game, so we drove up Saturday morning. Our departure was a little delayed because Jackson started coughing. Overall he seemed okay despite the cough, so we headed out.

We arrived just in time to enjoy some delicious pork sandwiches. After lunch we hung out, walked down to the pond, and enjoyed a hayride. Rebecca made her amazingly delicious ribs and we enjoyed sitting by the fire as well.

Jackson was definitely not being his usual energetic self and was coughing some more. Saturday night was awful! Every time we put Jackson down to sleep he woke up coughing. He spent the first half of the night sleeping on Noelle's chest and the rest of the night lying between Noelle and Rob.

The next morning we enjoyed some Mexican pastries and a bread alligator that Karin brought as well as some Migas that Rebecca and Bethany cooked up. After some pictures on the tractor and porch, everyone headed home.

It was nice being out in the beautiful country where the trees are starting to change color, but the trip was definitely too short. Not only did we feel we barely got to speak to Rebecca, we also realized, we didn't get any pictures of her either. Rebecca - that means you spent too much time working!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First Non-Milk Meal

We followed up doctor's recommendation and waited until 6 mo to give Jackson anything in addition to milk. He had his first serving of cereal tonight.

I just want the spoon!

He's not sure what to think.


Hmmm. Maybe it's okay.

It's fun being messy!

Yeah. I can do this.

The Twins

Here are some pictures of the twins. They were adorable, but you'll have to wait for the best picture. I got some good pics of the boys, but I didn't get a picture of myself with them!