Saturday, April 24, 2010


We have been bad at updating the blog for a while now. Here are some quick pics. We tried to do Bluebonnet pics yesterday after celebrating a month full of MacGregor birthdays. The brunch for the birthdays was great. The pictures, not so great. Most of the bluebonnet fields are gone at this point. The ones that remain are full of weeds. In every picture Jackson wants to look down because the sun was too bright or eat something he shouldn't. We couldn't get Jackson to hold out until it was late enough for good lighting. Oh well. Maybe next year.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Head Butt and the Dive

So Jackson has a new interesting habit. When he wants to express his love for something or someone he gives them a headbutt. We first saw this happen with his Eeyore. We didn't realize at the time he was headbutting him. The second time we saw this happen, he was playing with his twin Erwan. They were playing and being silly and then, they headbutted each other. It didn't even seem like an accident. Very odd.

Instead of giving Mommy kisses, Jackson has now started trying to headbutt Mommy. He does it to Daddy, too.

The other thing Jackson has started doing, which is supercool, is crawling over quickly on command. If I say, "Come see Mommy" he crawls over and dives headfirst into my lap. It's so cute. I do wonder if he's going to get separation anxiety soon. This whole weekend he got upset if I put him down. He wanted to be in my lap as much as possible. If you know Jackson, you know that's not him. Hopefully he's not about to get sick. Before he gets sick he is clingy, too.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Daycare Antics

It's midnight and I want to sleep. But, I am waiting for something in the dryer that I don't want to wrinkle. I am going to take a break for a moment to tell a few stories.

1. Jackson has a little friend, Erwan. Jackson is 1.5 months younger and they have been in the same class the whole time, minus about a week of two when he moved up to room 2 before Jackson did. They look a lot alike. There are some difference in the face, but that's mostly it. From behind they are pretty similar. On Friday, they were playing together and someone actually asked us if they were our twins. Anyway, we were told that when they take the kids outside to play that Erwan and Jackson race each other using the walkers. It really entertains me to think about my 11 mo old already being competitive.

2. We were told at daycare that Jackson might be a skilled basketball player. Your first instinct might be to guess it's because he's tall for his age. You'd be wrong. It's because he guards his food. They said when he's eating, if another child comes near his food, he sticks out his arm to block them from getting too close to his food.

3. Jackson now loves having his shoes on. He used to throw a fit and pull them off. At daycare, they only make him wear them when it's time to go outside. For the past two mornings, Jackson has crawled around, located his shoes, brought them to me, and tried to put them on. I think that he thinks if he puts his shoes on, I will take him outside to play. At 6:00 am it's not going to happen...

The picture has nothing to do with any of this, but I do love my little man.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jackson's First Easter

Jackson celebrated his first Easter today. The Easter bunny must have been really tired last night, but he didn't hop over until Jackson's first nap. When he woke up from his nap he had a basket of silly toys waiting for him.

Below is his reaction to seeing his basket.

He especially liked this ridiculously cheap plastic boat. I think he held it in his hand the whole time he went through the basket.Jackson searched for eggs. We put puff snacks inside. It was a double treat because it made noise when he would shake it and he got to eat it.
We saved the card from the Kemps and let Jackson open it today. I love how he is really studying it in this picture like he is reading it.
And now it's a hat.
Jackson praying on Easter.
Look at that smile? I love his open mouth smiles.
We colored eggs, but never really finished.
Tonight was really the first time that we gave Jackson EVERYTHING we were eating and let him just feed himself. One of the main reasons, is we don't eat well enough to feed him what we eat. We'll have to change that. He really had a blast and just laughed and laughed the whole time.

I know we're behind and still haven't done our posts about the McGrath visit, the trip to the zoo/Noelle and Jackson meet David Gould, or Dave's birthday/Rob finally meets David. They are coming...eventually. But, we figured we'd post Easter first.

11 mo and Counting

This week Jackson turned 11 months old. There's less than one month until the first birthday; it's so hard to believe. Everyone told us the first year will go quickly and boy did it!

This month, more than anything, we got to see Jackson's mind develop. Jackson loves to say Uh oh and he has a favorite toy. He is obsessed with turning the light switches on and off, opening and closing anything and everything, and loves bubbles. He had his first trip up on the trampoline for a bounce and first visit from the McGrath clan.

Unfortunately and fortunately Jackson had his first surgery. He got tubes in his ears. Since the surgery (knock on wood) his ears have been great. His pediatrician, Dr. Gonzalez, said his ears haven't looked this good since the day he was born.

This month Jackson got a new bedtime! The 4:30am wake-up calls got to be too much for us, so at Daylight Savings, we didn't adjust his bedtime. Now we start his bedtime routine at 7:00 p.m. or later and he is asleep by 8:00 p.m. That means (knock on wood again) that Jackson has been sleeping past 6am almost daily.

A new trick that we love is that Jackson will help clean up. If you ask him to put his clothes into the hamper, he will. If you ask him to put his bottles in a bag, he will. We will be starting early with the clean-up commands in the hopes of having a child that will, at least sometimes, clean up after himself.

On his 11 month birthday, we took Jackson to the Children's Museum to celebrate!