Saturday, April 23, 2011


Someone had fun playing with the water today! While I was watering the plants today, I sprayed a little bit of water on Jackson. Soon he was obsessed and following me around the yard trying to run into the water. Finally we stripped him down and gave him the hose. He was in heaven! It's two of his favorite things combined - outside and water.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Jackson's First Green Bean

Jackson was delighted by his first green bean!

Jackson Loves Ben

Jackson took a while to warm up to Ben. At first he wouldn't come near me when I was holding him. Then, he'd come over if I asked him to. Now he adores Ben. He has a doll he named Baby Ben and does to him what we do to Ben.... pacificer, blanket, medicine, you name it. He constantly brings stuff to the real Ben, too. On the way home from school yesterday he told Daddy that he loves Baby Ben. Very sweet. We finally got a quick few pics of them together. This is the first and second time he held Ben (without 12 hours of each other). He loves holding him now.

Neighborhood Easter Bash

Our neighborhood is pretty awesome in many ways. One of them is the parties. A few times a year, the neighborhood throws a party...and they go ALL OUT. This year is the first time we've done more than drive by. They had everything! They had pics with the Easter bunny, face painting, huge slide, balloon animal maker, Coney Island hotdogs and nachos, sno-cones, ice cream cones, petting zoo, pony rides, dj, kid contests (hula hooping, bubble blowing) egg hunt, and more. It was awesome for the most part.

One thing that was not awesome, was some of the adults. Sometimes adults amaze me. The first picture below is the scene at the Easter egg hunt. These adults (in the hats) were standing in front of Jackson. When the hunt started they WOULD NOT move out of his way to let him in. The neighborhood had the area divided up so Jackson was in the 3 and under area. Finally a parent nearby moved to let him in. Then, the lady in the hat (with a little baby that could not walk) jumped right into where Jackson was and using both areas, gathered all of the eggs in sight and filled her baby's basket (that was already overflowing). I'm sure the 6 mo old will enjoy eating the choking hazards in the eggs. Jackson had fun, so I don't care that he didn't get a lot of eggs (1.5 eggs), but the lady was so ridiculous. Later Jackson found empty shells that kids ditched and had a blast picking those up. I also had a lot of fun because Rob held Ben the whole time and my brother took most of the pictures, so I actually got to spend some time with Jackson.

Here he is with his one complete egg.

He liked the Easter Bunny as much as he liked Santa.

This is what Ben did the whole time.

Balloon animal that Jackson kept slamming into the ground.

He was extremely unhappy when it popped.

He LOVED riding the pony.

Yeah... most kids pet the animals. My son tries to put his head up their rear. Later we found out, he was trying to eat the grass like the animals were doing.

More attempted grass eating.

Attempt at Blue Bonnets

Taking pictures, wrestling with two kids (one being a newborn) and being in pictures at the same time = STRESSFULL. Jackson didn't want to sit down or look at the camera and Ben didn't want to stop crying. Maybe next year will be better.

We had a lot of tears.
And at this point, Jackson ran off to head to the playground.