Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ben's bunkmates

Ben needs all three Smurfettes on his pillow before he'll sleep. Should I be worried?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Office Space

Just two moments from my insane job - a scene from the break room and the items needed for a meeting today.

Proud Moments

Jackson does math, Ben hand feeds dogs.

Cage Match

Jackson and Ben love to play outside when I grill, and Jackson told me to turn around so I could see what he and Ben were doing. Jackson was leading caged Ben around by a leash on the cage. I told him to stop before someone got hurt, but then told them to let me take a picture for you.

Happy birthday, Grandmariachi!

Five years ago, a plus sign appeared on a stick on Grandma Stockman's birthday, meaning a) we were having a baby and b) nothing could ever top what we gave Grandma Stockman that birthday - the name Grandma. So now on her fourth birthday as a grandma, we can only provide cupcakes, Mexican food, and a serenade complete with sombreros. Happy birthday, Grandma!

Two Dates in Three Days

Three day weekend - two free concert tickets, three songs listened to before we abandoned, one trip to Westador institution El Imperial, two stomach aches, eight am wake-up at home (with boys at grandparents'), one wedding, four servings of steak between us, and what really mattered - her two eyes and nothing to distract me. Thanks to all the grandparents who made this possible.


An old friend bought me a beer about six months ago. I finally drank it with him. Afterwards, he made the best steak I have ever eaten. So, yes, he is a good friend.