Thursday, December 31, 2009

Children's Museum Fun

Today we used our Christmas gift from the Reynolds for the first time. We went to the Children's Museum! We went with my friend from high school, Brandy, and her cutie, Cody. Jackson and Cody were born just days apart, so it was fun to have a playdate with someone Jackson's exact age. I also realized today that I hadn't seen Brandy in 12 and a half years until today! We had a great time and look forward to future playdates.

It's tradition to put your Children's Museum sticker on the stop sign at the corner.
Jackson enjoyed the toy car.

This is how he preferred to drive. Here he is about to merge.

10 and 2. 10 and 2.
He also tried to drive using both wheels at once.

This girl, Gabbie, kept bringing Rob stuffed animals and placing them in his lap.
Cody and Jackson both took turns crawling into this corner.

Jackson - up close and personal.

Jackson enjoyed watching this kiddo dance.
Happy Cody

Everyone loved this spikey ball.
The boys.

Cody plays us a song.
Jackson has a new friend.
Give me five.
This is the shoe thief. He kept coming over and taking Cody's shoe.
Now Jackson plays us a song.

Mommy loves Jackson
Mommy loves Cody.
A new friend, Avery

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


They always say that routines are important for children. Maybe this was just a coincidence, but tonight I was convinced. When it was time to put Jackson to bed, I forgot to do his bedtime routine.

After he's in his pjs - I walk him to Schuley and make her sit. Jackson waves as I say, "Night Night Schuley. I love you." Then Jackson blows her a kiss. We repeat this with Ruffles and then Daddy.

When I tried to put Jackson down without the routine, he was not interested AT ALL. I tried for about 10 mins to get him to settle down, and he wouldn't. After realizing my mistake, we went and said our goodnights.

After that - Jackson was asleep within two minutes.

Coincidence? I guess we'll never know.

The Girl with No Socks

The past two days haven't been much fun. Rob was pretty sick yesterday and Noelle started to get a toothache. Rob is feeling better today, and Noelle's tooth is feeling worse. The highlight of the past two days was a visit from Kristen and Kingsley!

They were so thoughtful and brought us some neat Christmas presents. Jackson got some big boy snacks and dishes and the MacGregor family a personalized Christmas ornament. It was neat getting the ornament because we actually have three special ornaments from Kristen on our tree. Kristen gave Noelle the first ornament when they were in high school together. A while back Noelle and Kristen lost touch for a few years, but Noelle still always put the ornament on her tree and thought about her.

The second ornament is from last year, when we were expecting Jackson.
And the third ornament is from this year - Jackson's First Christmas.

We got to hang out a bit and enjoy some dinner together. With bedtimes, the visit was too short! Next time we'll have to get together earlier! Oh yes, the reason this blog entry is titled "The Girl with No Socks" is because at school today Kingsley took off her socks and put her shoes back on. Why did she do this? Because her friend did. I love how even at a young age there is peer pressure! Another cute tidbit about Kingsley. Kristen told us that last night Kingsley "called" Jackson on a non-functioning phone. Apparently they had quite the conversation. She was very thoughtful and made sure to ask Jackson if Rob felt better. Little kids are so cute!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cute cute kiddos

We have so many cute little kiddos in our lives. We spent the night up in Spring last night which allowed us to attend JD's 2nd birthday party and visit Sarah, Sanae, Noah, & Omar.

Jackson and Sanae
The fam

Sarah can do the worm. I love this picture because it looks like she has no feet due to the motion and lighting...
Cute JD at his birthday party. He likes this tunnel.
Jackson on the other hand, hated it.

Jackson's First Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a British holiday celebrated the day after Christmas. Typically, we spend the day with the MacGregors enjoying lunch, good company, and sometimes a family activity (like a walk or game). This year, we changed up our Christmas routines a bit and celebrated Christmas on the 26th instead. Christmas Part 2 was just as wonderful as Christmas Part 1. We dressed Jackson up in his Santa outfit so the MacGregors could enjoy it like the Stockmans did.

Jackson takes a break from his bottle to wave to Mommy

Jackson is a silly monkey
Jackson loves his cousin Chelsea, who is so good with kiddos
Jackson helps Daddy open a present
The MacGregors open a present from all their children and grandchildren
Jackson can't make it through lunch. This is the first time he's ever fallen asleep like this.

Rob cuddles up with the dogs for a nap

Schuley decided to take a swim in the cold, cold pool
Jackson playing with his favorite present. He started playing with it before we took it out of the box. When we took it away to take it out of the box for him, he threw his first little fit.
Chris and Melissa take a nap - tired from opening presents
Jackson snuggles up with Granddad while Rob and Noelle go buy some Christmas paper at the 50% off Target sale
We had two wonderful Christmas Days and are very blessed to have all the wonderful family and friends that we do. We love you all!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Jackson's First Christmas

Here are some pictures from Jackson's First Christmas...

Bows and ribbons were one of his favorite parts of the day. He climbed over anything that got in his way when he saw a present he wanted. Like his daddy, he likes Robot paper.

Once again - ribbon...

Yes, I have slobber pouring down my face. I am teething. I have gained 4 new teeth in the past 2 weeks.
I want to eat my phone.

Rock on, Christmas.
I love my new table. Mommy was so excited when she found a used one for $5.00 rather than buying it new for $50. Little did she know this might be the loudest table EVER.

I got to talk to my Aunt Penny!
Empty rolls of wrapping paper were also a big part of the day.
We did a little meditating before my snack.
Excuse me, waiter. I'm ready to order.
Daddy fell asleep amongst his toys and dogs.
Hehehe. I am up to something evil.
I know plates have something to do with eating...

I like my tie! (Thanks Joy for the high chair!)
But, I'm messy. A bib will be safer.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!