Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jackson's First Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a British holiday celebrated the day after Christmas. Typically, we spend the day with the MacGregors enjoying lunch, good company, and sometimes a family activity (like a walk or game). This year, we changed up our Christmas routines a bit and celebrated Christmas on the 26th instead. Christmas Part 2 was just as wonderful as Christmas Part 1. We dressed Jackson up in his Santa outfit so the MacGregors could enjoy it like the Stockmans did.

Jackson takes a break from his bottle to wave to Mommy

Jackson is a silly monkey
Jackson loves his cousin Chelsea, who is so good with kiddos
Jackson helps Daddy open a present
The MacGregors open a present from all their children and grandchildren
Jackson can't make it through lunch. This is the first time he's ever fallen asleep like this.

Rob cuddles up with the dogs for a nap

Schuley decided to take a swim in the cold, cold pool
Jackson playing with his favorite present. He started playing with it before we took it out of the box. When we took it away to take it out of the box for him, he threw his first little fit.
Chris and Melissa take a nap - tired from opening presents
Jackson snuggles up with Granddad while Rob and Noelle go buy some Christmas paper at the 50% off Target sale
We had two wonderful Christmas Days and are very blessed to have all the wonderful family and friends that we do. We love you all!


Penny Morris said...

Great pics!!! Loved the one of Jackson asleep in his high chair... to much Christmas fun! Are those HO HO HO pjs the ones I sent? Because if so, I got them for $1.99 in the middle of summer! What a bargain!! So glad they can be used in the right season as Neil wore them in the summertime!! :) Looked like a fun day!

Anonymous said...

All those napping photos are making me tired. I love your new banner! Merry Christmas, boxing day and new year!!

MacGregor Grandparents said...

It was indeed a wonderful day. Nice and relaxing, good food, amazing presents and the cutest little almost 8 month old Santa our focus of attention.

Joe and Shannon said...

loved reading all the latest posts. I see the toy you were talking about now. Very cute to see how much he likes it! Miss you guys

legrapod is the security word. what the heck is that???