Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Girl with No Socks

The past two days haven't been much fun. Rob was pretty sick yesterday and Noelle started to get a toothache. Rob is feeling better today, and Noelle's tooth is feeling worse. The highlight of the past two days was a visit from Kristen and Kingsley!

They were so thoughtful and brought us some neat Christmas presents. Jackson got some big boy snacks and dishes and the MacGregor family a personalized Christmas ornament. It was neat getting the ornament because we actually have three special ornaments from Kristen on our tree. Kristen gave Noelle the first ornament when they were in high school together. A while back Noelle and Kristen lost touch for a few years, but Noelle still always put the ornament on her tree and thought about her.

The second ornament is from last year, when we were expecting Jackson.
And the third ornament is from this year - Jackson's First Christmas.

We got to hang out a bit and enjoy some dinner together. With bedtimes, the visit was too short! Next time we'll have to get together earlier! Oh yes, the reason this blog entry is titled "The Girl with No Socks" is because at school today Kingsley took off her socks and put her shoes back on. Why did she do this? Because her friend did. I love how even at a young age there is peer pressure! Another cute tidbit about Kingsley. Kristen told us that last night Kingsley "called" Jackson on a non-functioning phone. Apparently they had quite the conversation. She was very thoughtful and made sure to ask Jackson if Rob felt better. Little kids are so cute!

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Kristen T. said...

The soup was fantastic, as was the company of course! Hope you're feeling better Noelle. Sounds NO FUN. Today I told Kingsley to keep her shoes AND socks on. She agreed. We'll see.