Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Special Treat for Grandma Stockman

Jackson decided that he wanted to make a special treat for Grandma Stockman. What makes this even more special is he turned off Shaun the Sheep to do so. We don't let Jackson watch much television, so the fact that he stopped a show to make something for someone is pretty nice.

Since I have no cake mixes or anything on-hand we had to make something completely from scratch. This is not something I normally do. We made Strawberry Shortcakes. I measured and Jackson did pretty much everything else that didn't involve the stove or cutting. He was so proud of himself! When Grandma arrived he told her all about it, but told her she couldn't have it until after dinner. Smart boy.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Our Little Fish

Jackson took some lessons at Houston Swim Club last year. He never really had a great time. There were some weeks that were better than others. We tried Mommy and Me. He did some privates. Some days he cried. Some days he was okay.

Today we started lessons with four other kiddos in someone's backyard. She was AWESOME! Jackson did stuff he's never done before and did great. The only tears he had were at the end because he didn't want to leave. He even jumped off the diving board (though he was scared to walk on it to the end). I am actually considering shelling out money for some private lessons with Ben just to get him a little more used to the water since he's the daredevil. 

WAY better than Houston Swim Club!!

Tow Truck Driver

I love how much Jackson's imagination has come alive in the last few months. He comes up with some funny stuff. In this photo the rocking chair became his tow truck. He's towing his plasma car. At one point though I guess he decided he'd just stop and fix it himself instead of towing it to the repair shop.

Shortly after he operated this a restaurant on the ottoman that served milk and raisins.  Your seating options included the plasma car, rocking chair, or rocking horse.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ben Loves the Piano

Happy Father's Day!

Again, a few weeks late...

Happy Father's Day! My two boys are so lucky to have such a loving, involved, fun, awesome Daddy. And boy do they LOVE their Daddy.

Notice Jackson's legs in the bottom right photo. He thought it was the funniest thing ever.

The Morris Family Arrives

So..this post is like three weeks late... Yay! The Morris Family (minus Stephen) arrived safely and headed straight for Chuy's!