Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jackson's First T-Ball Game

So Jackson had his first t-ball this past Saturday. It was pretty much what you'd expect from a game of three year olds. Kids cried because the ball didn't come to them. Kids cried because they were ready to stop playing. Kids cried because the game was over. Kids ran away from the game way way out away from everyone else. And that was just our son.

All in all I think it was successful and Jackson wants to keep playing. So that's a good sign. I did learn that when your husband is "Coach" and you have a one year old to chase around, you just don't get many photos. Here are a few.

Summer Fun At the Children's Museum

We are lucky to have some great friends and family give us memberships to the Children's Museum and Zoo. It's especially great in the summer when we have some extra time to go frequently. The boys love them both.  We had our first trip to the CM this past week and we meet up with one of Jackson's favorite friends Graciela. She's moving to Germany so, we we are trying to get in as much Graciela time as possible. We haven't had the heart to tell Jackson that she's leaving yet because we know he's going to be so crushed. Poor kid. :( This first photo is him waiting eagerly for her to arrive.

New Neighbors

Sunday, June 17, 2012

First T-Ball Practice

So Rob is supposed to write something about his first practice as coach, but he can come back and add it later. 

From my perspective.... my softball friends wouldn't have known me. I actually kind of found it cute when my son was the one who ran to first base and promptly sat down and started picking flowers. Ben was definitely more into wanting to play than his older brother. Also, please note the length of the uniform the boy is wearing to Jackson's side in the top left photo.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Getting Ready for T-Ball

They each had their own ways to prep for the start of T-ball. Note that Jackson's glove is on the wrong hand and his shoes are on opposite feet.


Extra time for stories, walks to the mailbox in pjs, and too much cuteness!

Car Ride

If only all car rides were this peaceful. Tonight, there was screaming, tears, and thrown milk. I decided to post these from the other day so I could remember these car rides too because I have a feeling the ones like tonight will stick in my head.

Graciela Turns 3

Jackson's favorite friend Graciela just turned three and had her party at Old MacDonald's Farm in Humble. The boys had a ton of fun despite how incredibly hot it was. Ben rode a horse for the first time and Jackson got to play in a huge pile of dirty. 

 Obviously Ben and Jackson had different thoughts about whatever it is they are looking at in the photo above...
 Jackson's first piƱata.
 So...my son decided to hide the toys he was using (in the huge sand pile) under a truck so that nobody would play with them while we went to ride the train...yeah...
 Train ride with friends!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Black Heels

Everyone needs that perfect pair of black heels, right?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Last Day of School

Jackson and Ben had their last day of school at Five Star on Friday. Unfortunately when we dropped the boys off not too many of his friends were there yet, so we don't have too many photos of them.

In August, they boys will attend The Innovative School. We're very excited for them! I know the boys will love the place. I think it will be a transition for Jackson who won't stop saying that he wants to be in Ms. Christine's school, but once he adjusts he'll love it. The majority of the teachers there have been in Montessori education 25 years and train new montessori teachers in the summer. The lunches come from Georgia's Market and the menu looks great. But, for now, the boys will enjoy summer!

And We're Back

So we are recommitting to the blog now that it's "summertime." It's in quotes because it's summertime for Rob, Jackson, and Ben but Noelle still has to work for a while. On the first day of summer Jackson woke up and said, "Daddy. My clock is green. It's summer!"