Sunday, December 13, 2009

Quick Reynolds Trip

The Reynolds were in town for a quick visit. They had a jam packed weekend in Houston, so they came into town a day early so we could hang out for a bit. It was amazing to see how much the younger babies have changed (I got to see Will roll over!) and how much the oldest is still changing (Emily has gotten so tall!) since we last saw them about 6 weeks ago.



Silly Em

Jackson's first Christmas present

Jackson has this cool new toy, but he's still is focused on the box

Jackson loves Mommy
and Shannon, too

Look at these cute Reynolds kiddos (and look at how tall Em is!)


Joe and Shannon said...

I agree, one night was not enough! I love all the pictures, but I gotta give you grief - you have the boys mixed up in the first 2 pics ;) To give you credit, you never got them confused in person!

Noelle MacGregor said...

Man! When I first looked at them I wasn't sure, but when I decided - I thought I had it for sure!

It's fixed now.