Thursday, December 31, 2009

Children's Museum Fun

Today we used our Christmas gift from the Reynolds for the first time. We went to the Children's Museum! We went with my friend from high school, Brandy, and her cutie, Cody. Jackson and Cody were born just days apart, so it was fun to have a playdate with someone Jackson's exact age. I also realized today that I hadn't seen Brandy in 12 and a half years until today! We had a great time and look forward to future playdates.

It's tradition to put your Children's Museum sticker on the stop sign at the corner.
Jackson enjoyed the toy car.

This is how he preferred to drive. Here he is about to merge.

10 and 2. 10 and 2.
He also tried to drive using both wheels at once.

This girl, Gabbie, kept bringing Rob stuffed animals and placing them in his lap.
Cody and Jackson both took turns crawling into this corner.

Jackson - up close and personal.

Jackson enjoyed watching this kiddo dance.
Happy Cody

Everyone loved this spikey ball.
The boys.

Cody plays us a song.
Jackson has a new friend.
Give me five.
This is the shoe thief. He kept coming over and taking Cody's shoe.
Now Jackson plays us a song.

Mommy loves Jackson
Mommy loves Cody.
A new friend, Avery


Bethany said...

Love the shoe thief.

That 10 and 2 photo is hilarious...course it's more like 8 and 4. Just sayin'.

Grandad & Grandma MacGregor said...

We love the photos - especially the car ones!
Happy New Year to you all!

penny Morris said...

So very cute!! It is such a whole new world when they can move!!!