Tuesday, November 3, 2009

6 Months

Jackson had his 6 month appointment today.

Weight - 18 pounds 4.5 ounces (70-95%)
Height - 28.5 inches (97+%)
Head - 47 cm (97+%)

Jackson -

Your 6th month of life was full of many adventures for you, mommy, and daddy. This month you went through your first "major" illness. Not only did you have a double ear infection (your 3rd infection) but you had the dreaded Swine Flu. You were in and out of the doctor's office for weeks on medicine after medicine and finally you were given antibiotic shots several days in a row. That was all for the ears they couldn't get clear. (Today they looked great!) They couldn't do anything for the Swine Flu since you're not 1. Dr. Gonzales checked you each day for a few days in a row just to make sure you were okay. You got to spend a lot of time with Grandma Stockman during this time, since we kept you home from daycare. Throughout all the illnesses you were still a dream baby. If someone didn't know you were sick, they never would have suspected it. You kept smiling the whole time.

When you returned to daycare they were amazed at how much you have changed. You were crawling backwards, getting up on your knees trying to crawl forward, and almost sitting up on your own. Now you can sit up on your own. You can hold your own bottle for a while and you suddenly started eat a lot. A LOT. You are extremely interested in "real" food and you don't take your eyes off the kids at daycare who get to eat "real" food. You get extremely concerned when other babies cry and you rarely cry yourself. You are the most laid back baby in your class.

You have started to get really interested in toys as something more than just a chew toy. You still enjoy chewing on anything and everything, but you also like to figure things out. Although we are biased, you are smart. After playing with the Playskool pop-up toy for a few minutes, you could close each animal compartment. You can open a few of them now and you close each one in order. Not sure which side that organization came from...

You are sleeping well at night (knock on wood). We typically feed you around 7pm so you go to sleep around 7:30. You have always been a good sleeper and still sleep at least 8 hours before you wake for some food. Sometimes you go back to sleep after that feeding, but sometimes you are UP for the day. Not sure which side that morning person came from...

You adore your puppies. I think you love the walker so much because it enables you to move to where the dogs are. When Schuley was in her home the other night (because she was in trouble) you walked over and just sat next to the crate holding on to it. You love to let them lick you and to pet them as well. Unfortunately you don't quite get that you cannot move wherever you want, and when you see a dog, you lounge your body towards him or her - regardless of where you are sitting. Sometimes you are sitting on our lap when you do that and you give mommy and daddy a heart attack.

You laugh and laugh and laugh. You like it when Daddy throws you in the air. You like it when Mommy plays peek-a-boo with you. You like it when Mommy and Daddy "eat your tummy". You love it when Mommy pretends to eat your fingers. Although you laugh and smile all the time, we can tell when you give us the "polite" smile. Although we appreciate the manners - we see right through you.

You have discovered you have a voice. You now squeal. You have discovered you have hands and feet. You like to eat your feet and you like to stare at your hands. You'll look at one side of your hand, turn it over, look at the other side, and repeat.

One of the best things you have started to do this month is to reach your arms out for us. Sometimes we even get hugs and kisses.

You inspire both Mommy and Daddy to be better. We love you.


clare stockman said...

So far you have a little 'you' and I know exactly where he got those traits from...t

Anonymous said...

ok. I teared up