Monday, November 2, 2009


5 years ago, on October 26, my life changed forever. A silly bet, dinner at a "fancy" restaurant, an eclipse, and a kiss started it all. Now look at this special life we have created together. Although we've traveled the world, hand-in-hand, we're equally happy playing a game of rummy in front of the fireplace. As long as we're together, everything will always be okay. I love you, babe. You are "a good guy.

Thanks for the precious memories, the amazing family we've created, and the beautiful flowers.


Peter and Frances said...

We love the photos. Happy 1/2 year Jackson.
Love Grabdma and Grandad

Rob MacGregor said...

So you want to go by Grabdma?

Peter and Frances said...

No, it was my bad typing!! (Dad)