Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend at the Dark Cabin

For some reason I am having trouble posting pics. I have been holding off on posting this, but I give up for now. Here you go. Pictures to come later.

This weekend we were able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors away from the craziness of work and Houston. Friday night Noelle had to work the Rockets game, so we drove up Saturday morning. Our departure was a little delayed because Jackson started coughing. Overall he seemed okay despite the cough, so we headed out.

We arrived just in time to enjoy some delicious pork sandwiches. After lunch we hung out, walked down to the pond, and enjoyed a hayride. Rebecca made her amazingly delicious ribs and we enjoyed sitting by the fire as well.

Jackson was definitely not being his usual energetic self and was coughing some more. Saturday night was awful! Every time we put Jackson down to sleep he woke up coughing. He spent the first half of the night sleeping on Noelle's chest and the rest of the night lying between Noelle and Rob.

The next morning we enjoyed some Mexican pastries and a bread alligator that Karin brought as well as some Migas that Rebecca and Bethany cooked up. After some pictures on the tractor and porch, everyone headed home.

It was nice being out in the beautiful country where the trees are starting to change color, but the trip was definitely too short. Not only did we feel we barely got to speak to Rebecca, we also realized, we didn't get any pictures of her either. Rebecca - that means you spent too much time working!!

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