Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jackson Update

Our poor little baby. I thought Swine Flu was the worst illness Jackson could/would encounter. Unfortunately, the upper respiratory infection that Jackson has now seems worse to me. Maybe it's because I'm living it right now, but it's hard to watch. Poor little guy's fever went from 101 on Sunday to 103 last night. I'm not sure what it is today... His cough is worse. He winces when he coughs and sometimes he cries at the end of it. He is throwing up when he eats and when he gets his medicine. He is having trouble sleeping and is wimpering in his sleep. All he wants is to be held. It's just sad. When I went home to feed him during lunch today, I still got a little smile so all is not lost.


Joe and Shannon said...

ahhh I'm sorry! I was wondering how he was doing. Hope things get better soon!

dougnlarry said...

Poor Jackson. He's had rotten luck. Hopefully getting sick with so many things will build up his immune system and it will be better from now on. Feel better soon, J.