Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nap Happy

The sleep schedule at night leads us to feel somewhat well-rested, being as collectively we end up with six to seven hours, Rob getting more because he falls asleep as Jackson eats. However, the increments of sleep tend to make us a little drowsy during the day. Two hours asleep, one hour awake may make for a full night's sleep, but it doesn't feel right about four hours into the day. So we've been following Jackson's lead and getting naps when possible.

As such, yesterday Rob had the world's greatest nap, as he is a napper that can fall asleep for twenty minutes and wake up completely refreshed. This nap was especially perfect, and so he wants to thank those involved -

First off, to Noelle's mom, Baby's First Furniture, and Best Chairs Inc. - thank you for providing the world's most comfortable chair. This deluxe rocker/recliner is soft, feels like sueded, and rocks literally and figuratively. Here's a picture of Noelle enjoying it, while Schuley checks it out.

And here's Noelle asleep in it.

Second off, to Noelle - thank you for tiring the boy out with your urine adventures this morning. Thanks also for handing him over to me for some Daddy Time.

Third off, to Scott and Father George - thanks for making my absence from school so easy on me. I went by the school to pick up and drop off papers, and my buddy Scott has been handling lots of issues for me while I've been gone, including entering my grades for me. Father George is the Greek Orthodox priest who has been subbing for me, and as any educator will tell you, you never know what type of substitute you're going to have. Will it be a newspaper reader, a riot instigator, or a non-English speaker? Well, Father George is competent, witty, and communicative. He may actually be a better teacher than me. My classes are in capable hands, for once!

Fourth off, to Bill Willingham - thanks for writing Fables. I had just finished Book Four when I drifted. Those are some well-told tales.

Fifth off, to Jackson North MacGregor - thanks for falling asleep in my arms. Your tiny breaths and tiny heat helped me relax happily and lovingly. I only closed my eyes for minutes, but waking up with you there, with Fables on the chair's arm, with George and Scott handling my job, with Noelle asleep in the next room, and in the most comfortable chair ever - it was perfect. I was recharged and life looks great.

And, as a day later footnote, I thought I would have a repeat of the situation at the end of the day. Jackson and I were in the chair, I was cozy, I had the next book of Fables, and Jackson was falling asleep.

Then he peed on me.


The Kemps said...

Haha...I was adoring the photo so much it took a while before I notice the final line!

Courtney said...

Just discovered you had a blog! And your baby's cute!!!