Friday, May 1, 2009

Waves Breaking

The soothing sounds of the baby's heartbeat and the little lines etching back and forth on the charts - it's very calm here at the eye of the storm. But the water has been broken now, and we're simply waiting for the waves of contractions to pick up and pull us all into the undertow.

I figured I'd mix up some metaphors and whatnot.

Noelle's mom and brother have joined the vigil now, and Noelle is feeling uncomfortable, groggy, and dizzy. It's frustrating not being able to help her, but she's not really needed an arm to knead yet.

More updates as available.


Bethany said...

Love technology. Has she gotten the epidural yet? I'm assuming not.

The nausea is horrible. It's something people forget to tell you.

Cannot wait to meet TBD and see you guys together as a family! We're not going to wait around the hospital, but we will show up as soon as you guys are ready.

penny said...

how dialated (spelling) is she? enough yet for an epidural? or did they break the water to help the contractions? When I had Neil, I had totally forgotten how bad the contractions are... and the labor nurse said they don't call it labor for nothing. Good point. Tell her to hang in there!