Monday, May 18, 2009

Pictures Galore

Since our last posting things have gotten back to normal. That may not be the right word, since all of this is new for us. But, Noelle is feeling better and Jackson continues to be awesome.

First, we apologize for all the visits we cancelled while Noelle was sick. We do still want to see you and introduce you to Jackson (as long as you are not sick)! We have appreciated everyone’s positive thoughts, prayers, phone calls, and meals. Every bit helped.

This post is just going to be some random pics from different moments, excursions, and visitors. Many of them are not from this weekend, but we are behind.

Parental Love

Out and About

The first picture is baby's first trip to the pub. Baker Street in LaCentera has great lunch specials, so we decided to get some fresh air and eat on the patio.

After lunch Daddy needed a Starbucks coffee. So, Jackson entered his first Starbucks. Mommy hung out with Jackson because she doesn't understand how someone drinks coffee when it's hot outside.

On Saturday, we ventured farther from the house than we have in ages. We went "into town." Since we live in Katy, "into town" means we drove into the Galleria area. We met up with some of our favorite friends for some lunch. This is what Jackson did for the entire three hours we were in town.

Sponge Bathtime

Before his first sponge bath, he was calm, cool, and collected.

Then, he cried.

Post-bath. He's not sure about it yet.


The Tiemeyers

The Leos

The Georges/The Reynolds


Kristen Tiemeyer said...

Jackson is beautiful as usual but Noelle you're lookin' great! Glad you're feeling better!!!

penny said...

He is such a cutie and I love his hair line! The bath pics were great... so nice to see his eyes!!! I can't wait to meet him!!!

The Kemps said...

Ditto everyone!

Kirsty (Perth, Scotland) said...

Hi fae Scotland, we're all sending our love to you all. Really glad Noelle's starting to feel better - hard enough having a new baby without being ill throughout it. Jackson is well gorgeous - it's great to see all the photos. He's very lucky as he'll have his own wee book about his birth onwards that he'll be able to show his family years to come! Rob you're obviously like your Dad at being able to remember all the details. Hope you'll manage over to Perth sometime. Love fae Kirsty,Colin and Alasdair xxx