Monday, May 11, 2009

First and Worst Mothers Day Ever

Noelle has been sick this weekend, to the point where food is not inviting and when it does get invited, it leaves early. Her stomach pain makes her double over and we're on week three of congestion. We consulted with our doctors yesterday - both the OBGYN doctor on call from our doctor's practice and our friend Elizabeth, and they both could not give a 100% diagnosis. They both said that if we wanted to know for sure what was wrong, we could go to the emergency room. We don't like emergency rooms. So Rob and Noelle decided to tough it out. Noelle tried to sleep, Jackson started to cry, and the ceiling started to leak, so it wasn't a great night last night. (Thanks to Dave Gould for being another family expert to help when the AC started sending water through a ceiling fan.)

But to start Mothers' Day, Noelle's breakfast and water escaped almost immediately, and it was time to know for sure what was going on in there. So the diaper bag was packed and we headed to the emergency room. When we realized there would be a wait, which is rare at the Katy ER, Rob came home with Jackson to get Grandma to do some babysitting. Luckily, Noelle had pumped a few bottles yesterday, so Jackson could eat to his heart's content, provided Grandma didn't have to watch him for too long.

Rob went and joined Noelle, for her blood and urine testing, cat-scanning, ultra-sounding, IV dripping first Mothers' Day/first day away from Jackson. The gallstone fear was repudiated, the infection fear was substantiated, the Cipro was administered, the Cipro was not what out pediatrician wanted, the edict was handed down that no Cipro-infested breastmilk should be given to the boy, and finally, after about eight hours, Noelle was discharged from the hospital.

Grandma did fine playing mom again, and though she had to rush out of bed to spend her entire Mothers' Day here, I know she enjoyed her time with Jackson based on how many picture messages she sent us today. Thanks Mom!

Noelle is now working on some non-Cipro medicine to hopefully fix things, but dinner was applesauce if that's any indication how little she has healed.

Jackson is on formula for the next few hours. The breastmilk ran out, so it's bottles of Similac to the rescue. Being as Jackson is a bottle baby for the moment, that means Rob gets to play milk man tonight to let his wife sleep and recover. That's why little Jackson is snuggled up to Rob as he writes this, once again in third person.

As Mothers' Days go, this one, Number One, was not great for us. The ceiling stopped leaking (again, thanks Dave), Noelle felt like crap, her mom had to work all day for us, and Jackson's stomach did strange things with formula. Rob didn't even remember it was Mothers' Day until we were on the way to the hospital, which isn't really the time to share those sentiments, although Noelle took it like a champ. He never got the gift to go along with the card, and the Grandmas had to go without a nice present to commemorate the day.

In fact, we'll choose another day to commemorate. We just want this day to be done. We'll let you know when we decide to celebrate Our Mothers' Day.


dougnlarry said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry. What a not fun Mother's Day. I hope she's feeling better soon.

If she wants to keep breastfeeding once she's off the meds, make sure she keeps pumping and dumping to keep her supply up.

The Kemps said...

Love and prayers, love and prayers!

Kristen T. said...

Awwwwwwwwwww.... so sorry you are feeling so crappy. BUT its not the actual day that is so important to celebrate, as is the celebration itself... and you got a pretty good gift about a week ago, so I hope that helps a little :-)

Bethany said... will always be memorable.