Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Little PEE-Wee

This morning is the first time I have been “alone” with Jackson. Rob went up to school to drop off some papers for me that I finished when I worked from home last Thursday. I intended to take them with me on Friday, but instead I had a kid.

Rob has been wonderful and has changed every single diaper since Jackson arrived. I am not opposed to changing diapers. In fact, I don’t even hate doing it. But, it’s nice to have such a helpful husband that when I finish feeding Jackson, I can pass him off to Rob for the diaper change that is sure to follow within minutes.

Since Rob was going to be gone for a while, I knew I was going to have to change a diaper or two. I didn’t expect to have to change quite so many. This is a rundown of the hour before Rob came home.

10:45am – Start feeding Jackson
11:00am – Switch
11:18am – Jackson still eating
Now, first it’s significant that Jackson is still eating at 11:18 because usually I have to poke, prod, kiss, tickle, and more to keep him awake to eat for a full thirty minutes. Second, it’s significant because usually at this point, Rob is changing Jackson.

Okay, back to the timeline…
11:19am – Jackson empties his bladder all over his diaper, himself, his second outfit of the day, my shorts, my legs, a couple of papers by the bed, and floor, and the changing table. Now, keep in mind, the whole time, this little boy is nursing and does not want to stop nursing.
11:23am – Jackson has a new diaper, a new outfit, and is sitting in the swing happy with himself.
11:35am – I have dried off, changed, put our sheets and such in the washer and cleaned up the mess.
11:40am – I get Jackson out of the swing so he can hang with me while I do a little research.
11:42am – The sounds begin.
11:45am – The smell has reached my nose.
11:47am – I take Jackson to the changing table and change his nasty diaper.
11:50am – Jackson chills in the pnp while I go to wash my hands. I return to find Jackson’s diaper, outfit, body, and pnp covered in urine.
11:55am – Jackson is clean, dry, and looking pretty pleased with himself in outfit #3. I decided it was time for this onesie.


The Kemps said...

OH. MY. GOD. First of all, I never even realized they could eat for 1/2 an hour! As for the other end, it seems as if you'd be better off keeping him naked - in the tub. Just kidding...

penny said...

I LOVE IT!!!! You wonder where it all comes from!!!! Reminds me of my boys!!!

penny said...

Oh yeah - this is where all your time goes during a day with a newborn.... that is for all the people who wonder how such a little person who can't talk, walk or feed themselves can take up so much time!

dougnlarry said...

Wow! You might experiment with some different diapers if he's leaking that badly from just pee. Sometimes a different brand or going up a size makes a huge difference.

Btw, the onesie is priceless! lol

Bethany said...

I second what Larissa said.

Noelle MacGregor said...

We just switched to the diapers that have the dip in the front for the umbelical cord. Maybe that's why...

Noelle MacGregor said...

Oh yeah - and we have Penny to thank for the onesie. Thanks!