Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day

Noelle is drugged to help her blood pressure stay steady and to help her sleep, so I'm left here typing myself to sleep. This might be the last time I fall asleep without having met our son. Very surreal.

Happy birthday to Melissa, by the way! I hope you're open to the idea of sharing your day.

So many thoughts and worries, hopes and fears - I mentioned to someone that we were close to the end now, and he reminded me it was really just the beginning of everything.

Bring it on.


Phyllis said...

You guys are in my thoughts and prayers and most importantly that we get a very healthy Tater Tot. Love,
Phyllis George

The Kemps said...

I can't imagine a couple better prepared with everything a baby needs - I am so excited for you guys and it is indeed just the beginning!

Chris said...

As Lou Reed said, it's the beginning of a great adventure.