Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day Two

The second of May it is. Happy zero day, son. You're just two hours away, according to the nurses. Mommy is being very strong. You're workingwith us pretty well, although you have a little more turning to do. The nurse and the doctor are being great - not a single person has begun discussing the c-section option. Daddy wishes he could do more than provide a hand and ice chips.

Look at that spike towering up. That's where we are - almost off the charts. Love to all at 3:23 on our son's birthday.


The Kemps said...

SOOOO excited!

Bethany said...

That's the most you can do right now. Those ice chips are needed!

Kristen Tiemeyer said...

I cannot even express how happy I am for the three of you! Elation doesn't even describe it. Please let us know when you will be welcoming visitors! Welcome to a life time of will share so many firsts as a family and trust me, its awesome!

Love to all of you!!!

Kristen, Scott and Kingsley