Monday, May 4, 2009

Daddy's Duty

I lived 32 years without ever changing a diaper. That streak is over now. I always thought it would be a hard transition, but after watching Noelle's laborious labor and the pains associated with breast-feeding, I knew dealing with feces would be my job.
To help me feel somewhat less guilty, Jackson helped out by giving me some weapons-grade muconium to deal with. If you are ignorant of what muconium is, stay that way for as long as possible. However, as disgusting as it was, I did not gag or get scared. I just used about twelve wipes and eventually, all the muconium was removed from every crevice it found its way into.
Since then, Jackson has assisted more by pooping as I was wiping him. That's something I have never really watched before. And you know, I don't like feces, but none of this seems to be bothering me in the least. It's not even like I have to say he's worth the trouble - it's no trouble at all.
Although the muconium - that's something no dad has ever mentioned to me. So, if you are a dad-to-be, maybe you want to google that.


dougnlarry said...

Doug was on diaper duty in the hospital too. :)

Good for you! I'm glad you're not getting grossed out by it.

The Kemps said...

Can I just say that I learned so much as a result of this post? I didn't know about muconium and I thought it was crazy that you had never changed a diaper - until I said something to Chris and he was like, "I've never changed a diaper." WHAT?!