Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ben - Two Months

"Baby Ben" - Today you are two months old. Although having two children isn't easy, we can't imagine going back to only having one. Jackson loves you. The second he walks in the door from school, he looks and calls for "Baby Ben". He is always looking for ways to take care of you whether it's bringing you a blanket, toy, pacifier, or a kiss. He has a doll he has given your name, and today we found out the driver of his new toy truck is named "Baby Ben." If you ask Jackson who his best friend is, it's you. I'm sure we will regale both of you with that tidbit incessantly through the upcoming years.

There was quite a debate over naming you. For a few days, you were just Baby Boy MacGregor as we wrestled with the decision. One of the discussion topics was if you were named Benjamin, what would we actually call you - Ben or Benjamin? Your brother is the one who really latched on to the name "Baby Ben" and made us all start calling you that. I have a feeling that name will follow you for quite a few years, too, so this might be the first instance of your brother wreaking havoc in your life. For now, it's perfect, especially with your brother's little inflection. 

You can be quite a fuss bucket. You want to be held all the time whether you are awake or asleep. You're less fussy now that you're on reflux medicine, but you still want what you want when you want it. If you don't get it instantly, you let us know you're not happy. Luckily this month you have started to smile, which makes everything better. 

Your smiles and your little coos are excellent rewards for the shattered REM cycles. You have already caught up to Jackson on one notion - outside is better than inside. If you're fussy and we bring you outside, you're content or asleep. On the great garage sale/Easter jamboree Saturday, you slept in a Baby Bjorn almost all day. When we spent a few hours at the park yesterday, you slept for almost two and a half hours straight. Once we take away a roof, you're just altogether happier, but we still get more and more smiles, inside or outside, every day. (I imagine once the summer heat settles in, you'll start to see the appeal of inside.)

You are crazy strong and feisty. You swat at me a lot and have great neck control already. Eventually you will sort out how to use those arms and neck to remove the blankets with which your helpful brother adorns you. 

Every day, you seem to have a little more personality, a little more mischief and joy and silliness in those eyes, and a little less hair. Daddy is ready for the school year to end so he can be around you much more often so he won't feel like he misses out on so many little moments of discovery for you. 

Our house has changed so much in the past few months - we've got new furniture, newly painted rooms, boxes heading for Goodwill and the attic, and so much more to do. It's been hectic and a lot of work, as has keeping up with two children instead of one. However, we know this hard work and sacrifice is all worth it when we know it's to give you (and your brother) the most wonderful, loving home to enjoy your childhood. We are so happy to have known you for the past two months, Baby Ben.

Newborn at hospital
Approximately 1 mo old with a llama
Approximately 2 months

 The many faces of Ben...

Jackson vs Ben comparison


Granddad and Grandma MacGregor said...

We are so looking forward to seeing Ben again later this month. Thanks for the photos!

The Kemps said...

SUCH fun photos!!