Monday, May 23, 2011

Interpretive Dancin' Jackson

The other weekend, Jenny came into town to teach Jackson how to show his belly at dinner. We were treated by her family to a brunch at Georgia's Farm to Market on Dairy-Ashford and I-10, which had some live music. Jackson alternated between being fascinated with the music to sticking his fingers in his ears, but this interpretive dance definitely shows the music is moving him in a unique way.

This was the tail-end of a solid few minutes of his dancing. Is this the work of nature or is there something going on at the Montessori daycare?


The Kemps said...

He's ready to see his name in lights on Broadway!!! :) Auntie Felicia will of COURSE come see your shows, Jackson!!

Joe and Shannon said...

very interesting... kinda reminded me of Bollywood ;0)