Friday, May 20, 2011

Ben - 2 mo/12 weeks

Surprise surprise. We're late writing a 2 month post for Benjamin. Now he's over 12 weeks old, so this will be a combo post.

Ben did well at his 2 mo appointment. Here are his stats:

Height - 24.5 inches (88.81%)
Weight - 12 lbs 9 oz (60%)
Head - 16.14 inches (66.46%)

He's skinny for his length, but the doctor thought he looked great. He had his 2 mo shots and did well.

You've finally hit the stage where you're not really a newborn anymore. You're alert, active, and quite the charmer. You are full of smiles unless Mommy takes out her camera. You can hold a coo-versation for an extended period of time now. You've also gone from the baby that insists on being held all the time to one that's happy on a blanket staring at your stuffed animals or swinging at hanging toys. You have great use of your hands for your age and you recently started kicking. Your personality is coming out more and more every day. Just like your Mommy, you are pretty patient to a point. When you want/need something you'll deal with it for pretty long. But, when you're done are done waiting. You let everyone know it. But, you are also a sweet, happy, cuddly little boy.

Your brother loves you so much! Although it's very cute, sometimes it's a little much. This morning, while Mommy was nursing you, Jackson insisted on climbing into a non-existent space between her and the arm of the couch and wanted to hold you. Since he was about to leave for school Mommy indulged him and he was happy as could be with you in his lap. He kept saying, toes. Apparently he really likes your toys - but who wouldn't?

To start with, here is a picture that compares Jackson and Ben at the same age. Then, there are some pictures of Ben. Mommy only had a minute and you didn't feel like smiling, so she will have to take a few more later.

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dougnlarry said...

He is just gorgeous!