Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Reynolds Come to Town

The Reynolds came to town to help Jackson celebrate his second birthday. Shannon came earlier to meet Ben, but this trip was the first time the kiddos and Joe met Baby Ben. As always, the visit was too short and left us wishing the Reynolds would move to Houston!

Travis and Jackson in matching pjs

The girls loved Ben

On Sunday, we went to the Splash Pad and park for a picnic lunch. Travis wasn't too excited about the water
Jackson is going to love summertime! 

 Jackson and the girls had fun in the water

Jackson and Emily having fun

Although it looks like they are running into each other here, Emily is actually giving Jackson a hug. Jackson and Maddie did have a crash though. Jackson fell down, but Maddie held her own. She's such a toughie! Poor girl ended up with a bloody nose and mouth, but took it like a champ and was playing again in no time.

Ben was asleep, but here are the rest of the kiddos

Emily and Jackson being silly

Emily insisted on getting Jackson a balloon for his birthday. He loves it. So does Will.

Maddie likes Ben's little toes.

Here are all the Reynolds kiddos in the car before leaving with Jackson hanging on the back.






The Kemps said...

Fantastic photos! Loved seeing the kids in the water and thinking about how much they've grown in just one year since Jackson's first birthday party!

Bethany said...

Those kids (all of them) are cute as all get out!