Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jackson's 2 Year Well Check

Jackson does not like doctors or nurses. When we were at the hospital with Ben, Jackson came to visit. When a doctor or nurse would want into the room he would grab the closest parent and clutch on to them for dear life whimpering. When Ben had his 2 mo appointment with Dr. Gonzalez I warned him that Jackson was still anti-doctor.

We started off with Jackson wanting to touch EVERYTHING in the waiting room. Blah. He even put his mouth on one of the fun house mirrors. After that he was not allowed to leave my lap. When it was our turn, he would not get on the scale. Not a good start. Finally the nurse said we could do it in the room and use the baby scale. She did a great job with him and was able to get him to cooperate for everything. Whew! Dr. Gonzalez wasn't quite as lucky since Jackson did not want to open his mouth and did not want anything near his ears. He must still remember all those ear infections! He also had one shot (Mommy was wrong. I thought he didn't have any more until 4 yr old.) and did really well with it. He's scared of a stethoscope, but not a shot. Go figure.

Here are his stats:
Weight - 31 lbs 12.8 oz (87.13%)
Height - 3 feet .5 inches (92.3%)
Head - 20.47 inches (99%)

He didn't quite gain two pounds over the past year. Crazy that he gained so little weight and is still in the 87%.
All in all the doctor didn't see any issues and thought he looked great. His next well check is in 6 mo.

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