Saturday, May 21, 2011

Zube Park and the Crazy Sprinkler

We have been wanting to take Jackson to Zube Park since he likes trains so much. At the park, there are mini-functioning trains you can ride once a month for free. There is also an area with tiny train tracks for little steam trains and other traditional park stuff. Grandma and Granddad MacGregor met up with us so they could see their grandsons after their long road trip to California (where they saw some of their other grandsons). Hopefully they will have some good pictures of us on the train ride.
Something about a grown man in overalls on a tiny train is entertaining.

Jackson was a good boy while we waited our turn.

This is what the trains look like.

Steam engine.

"Grumpy." Really, he was only grumpy half the time.

Mini-train. The train cars about about 8 inches tall and powered by steam.

Jackson wanted the pink train conductor's hat. At first we suggested the blue instead, but he
wouldn't budge and we didn't want to push gender roles on him.

Mini-train again.

Since Jackson had blackberry face, Rob took him outside to
try out his new crazy sprinkler.

He clung to this basketball (his current favorite sport) most of the time he played.

The sprinkler was a hit!

Totally crazy sprinkler = fun for Jackson and a watered yard for us. Win win.

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