Monday, October 25, 2010

Last Sno-cones of "Summer"

Today was a nice day. I was actually on-campus all day. The internet was down, which meant I got a lot done. Although I know having email makes us more productive in a sense, not having it made me crazy productive today!

Then, we got home at a decent time and made pork chops on the grill, zucchini on the grill, and rice. Then, we headed out for our last sno-cones of the "summer" since the place near us closes this week. Since it's still 90+ degrees, I think they could have held on longer. Rob spent a long time pitching his idea of converting it to a place that sells smores and hot chocolate, but the owner wasn't interested...

This is the first time we've given Jackson a sno-cone in his own cup. He actually did a great job feeding himself, but of course, his clothes are now sprayed with stain stuff because who doesn't spill some blue sno-cone while eating it?

1 comment:

Joe and Shannon said...

aww! what a fun way to get together! J is a big boy with that spoon!