Sunday, October 10, 2010

D is for Everything

As we've discussed before, Jackson likes doors and saying "door." It was his gateway word to book (which still sounds like "dook") and car ("dar") and Dad. What's funny is that this love has interacted with his love for Wheel of Fortune. Now, whenever Wheel of Fortune is on, not only is Jackson mesmerized, he also randomly yells out suggestions for the players. His suggestion is always "D!" I took this video to capture this but Jackson of course did not perform on cue. (Of course, he did it right before the video was shot.) Instead of seeing this, you can just watch how much he loves the Wheel and then how he suddenly loses his balance.

Speaking of D, we said a D-word ourselves this week when Jackson discovered he can now open doors. We knew it was inevitable, but now we have to apply those plastic childproof things to every doorknob. D'oh.

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