Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tripp and Violet's Party

Violet just turned 3 and Tripp is about to turn 1! They had a join party yesterday afternoon. It was a pirate theme and Jackie (and KL) did a great job! Jackson had a lot of fun.
Jackson wore his monkey pirate swimsuit for the occasion.
Jackson wanted to hold hands with an older woman.
Violet says "cheese" (literally) for the camera.
Jackson liked Violet's scooter.
And LOVED Tripp's dump truck. He enjoyed having someone his own age to play with, but as you can see, he couldn't completely let go of the truck while they played.

Happy birthday, kiddos!


The Kemps said...

I love love love Tripp's cake!!

Allee said...

So glad you guys could make it, Tripp loved playing with Jackson! They will have to have more play dates :)