Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jackson's First Astros Game

We went to Jackson's first Astros game on Thursday, 6/24. It was just Mommy and Jackson since Daddy had to participate in some interviews for a new English teacher. We had great seats on the club level, which made things a little easier. It was a day game, so the walk was not fun. We had to park pretty far away and I carried the heavy boy and all his stuff the whole time because if I put him down to walk, he wanted to pull away from my hand, walk into traffic, and pick up every loose cigarette on the ground. But, we finally got there and pretty much had the area to ourselves.

Jackson had fun...for a while. 9 innings is too much for a one year old.

The lady sitting across the aisle from us took this picture for us. She took about 5 and this was the best one. I guess it's my fault because she asked me if I checked them and I said, "Oh I'm sure one of them is bound to be fine." Yikes! But, at least Jackson is having fun!

Jackson decided that he wanted to walk to the row in front of us and sit alone.

Here Jackson is bored with baseball (2nd inning) and has moved on to reading. I love how intensely he is pointing to the car. He loves this book. Thanks again Felicia!
After a few innings, Mommy made Jackson go up to the control room where she worked to meet everyone. We stopped off at the writing press level to say hi to a few people. If you can't tell, by this point, Jackson was READY TO GO. There is one thing you can't tell from this photo, since his bottom half is cut off. Right before this, he peed on me. That hasn't happened in ages. I was holding him on my hip, and I guess somehow his diaper got moved funny and didn't catch the pee. Instead it went all over my side.
All in all he did well. Oh, and he loved the animations on the color scoreboard.

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