Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jackson's First Trip to Austin

We decided to take a last minute quick trip to Austin. We left at Jackson's nap time on Wednesday morning and returned in time for Rob to sit in on an interview Thursday morning. Yes, it was quick and yes, it was worth it. We just wanted to get out of town for a day and thought Austin would be the perfect place, so we could see our friend Rebecca.

This poor bug died on the way to Austin. The wings stayed with us for many, many, many miles.

We went to the Mandola Estate Winery because we love their restaurant Trattoria Lisina. It's near Austin in Driftwood. They have a great pizza called Mangiameli. They have done a great job on the landscape and they also have Bocce ball!

Jackson loved this fountain. Unfortunately, they had a chlorine block in it and some of the bleach got on the edge of the fountain. I loved the shirt that he's wearing (thanks Monica, Scott and Brinley) so much, that I had to go buy another one to replace it, since it got bleach on it.

This little bridge connects the restaurant and the tasting room.
We found this little guy on the bridge.

The place was full of pretty flowers.
This is the view from the tasting room. At one point Rob went to the car to get Jackson's sippy cup. When Jackson saw him walk by this window, he pointed and yelled "Da Da." He has that one down!
Unfortunately, we didn't end up with any pictures of Rebecca. Instead I will post this picture of her backyard. She always does an amazing job at keeping her house and yard beautiful. We wish we were half as good at that!On the way out of town, Jackson had his first experience at Juan in a Million. Those pics are on another camera, so they will have to wait.

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Can't wait for you guys to come back and visit!