Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Day at the Zoo for Grandma's Birthday

For Grandma MacGregor's birthday, we went to the zoo. Grandma was excited to get her senior citizen discount, but was a little disappointed that she didn't get carded. Here she is showing off her senior ticket and reversible hat from Penny's family.

Jackson hung out with the elephants for a while.
It was extremely HOT at the zoo. They had these fans set up that blew out mist. Jackson really liked them!I love this photo! Stupid trash can.
This cheetah was awesome. (S)he kept trying to eat through the fence. There was a mildly obnoxious school group that kept ending up at the same places we were. They all were yelling at this fella and (s)he jumped on the fence and hissed. You should have seen those kids! Hilarious.

Silly monkey and silly monkey 2.

Birthday high fives!

Since Jackson has taken a liking to trains, Jackson went on his first train ride!

Although it was a hot day, we had a great time at the zoo with Grandma and Granddad.


Grandad and Grandma MacGregor said...

It was a great visit to the zoo. It is easy to see that we all enjoyed it. Great photos!

The Kemps said...

Great photos! I've never seen a Cheetah like that! Guess what? I think my mom has photos of ME as a kid with that Lion fountain - so funny!

Taytamay said...

It so good to see the McGregors. Grandpa and Grandma don't look a day older than when I last saw them. As for Rob: I need to know the secret of your youth! Jackson is a wonderfully cute baby. I am so happy I stumbled to your blog from your comment on Augustine's blog:-)