Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy 7 Month Birthday!

Jackson - Today you are 7 months old. Once again, the past month has brought about many changes in you. First, you started eating solids. So far you love peas, carrots, cereal, and apples. You are only okay with bananas. You love eating your solids and you love drinking from a sippy cup. You're a great eater. Sometimes I worry you are eating too much! You have been using a high chair for about a week now and you're already trying to undo the buckle. I hope that one takes you a while to figure out, but you know exactly where to undo it.

This month you started laughing at things you "think" are funny rather than just things that "feel" funny. There are a few toys that you just laugh and laugh at when you play with them. But, we think that you noticed how much we love to see you laugh because we think you have now developed a fake laugh. This is pretty new, so we'll have to watch and see where you go with it from here, but you used it quite a bit tonight.

You can now give high fives pretty regularly, you can clap sometimes, and you can sit up very well by yourself. You started "crawling" this month too. It's more of an army crawl - so you use your arms a lot, but you can get anywhere you want to go now. And boy are you giving us a run for our money already! You want to get to anything you aren't supposed to have, especially red pens, red Expo markers, newspapers, and books. Tonight you crawled over to your Daddy's Shakespeare book and tore a page out. Oh yeah, tonight you went from sitting to crawling for the first time. Now we can't just plop you down and expect you to stay in one place. We're really in trouble.

We didn't have a chance for any pics today, so here's one from right before bed.


Penny said...

I have the same fear with Neil that he is eating too much... because he eats A LOT too. I just decided that his college fund could also be his lap band surgery fund too if needed! :)

The Kemps said...

Watch out! Here he comes!! Counting the days until I get to see him again!

Bethany said...

Give 'em hell, Jackson MacGregor!

Kirsty fae Perth said...

Time to put rubber bands around the cupboard door handles now then. Gives you time to get to Jackson or his friends before they empty the whole lot out for you. We found the expensive door stoppers were mastered very quickly.