Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One Month

Dear Jackson -

Well, it's been quite a month. You've adapted to life outside the womb pretty well. You had a bout with jaundice, lost your cord, grew about 3/4 of an inch, and became the center of our world. You seem pretty healthy, although lately you have been saving up the bowel movements to create something spectacular. You did pee in your own face, but we're sure that memory will fade eventually, unless we keep mentioning it online.

Your eyes are open more every day (and many nights...) and you follow movement with your eyes pretty well, but your eye color is still a fun mystery to us. Sometimes they're a neat royal blue, sometimes they're greyish-purpleish-blue. You like to look off to the right of Daddy and you love to stare at Mallory the Monkey and the pictures in Brown Bear. Your eyes can always find Mommy and you follow her when she moves her head around you, calling out your name. You also love to look at yourself in the mirror of your playmat.

You are strong. You squirm all the time, and we constantly have to wrestle you to swaddle you, only to hear you unswaddle yourself a second later, going right through the velcro. You are able to lift your head pretty well during tummy time, and you are able to twist yourself entirely during diaper changes, which makes it a HazMat danger.

You've met so many people - your grandparents, two of your four uncles, your future aunt, and your future cousin have all met you, and you've actually been baby-sat by Grandma a few times now. You've charmed so many or our friends and so many of your future playmates, but we're most excited about the playmates that will be born in the next few months.

You make some great noises - even your cries aren't annoying. You coo and you aww and you snort. You sound happy, and we like to think you're communicating already, although odds are you'll be expressing yourself using your rear end before your mouth, based on the amount of noises it makes.

You are now officially a month old, and your parents are officially on summer break, which means we have the next two months to get to know you better and to introduce you to more. This will be the best summer ever.


The Kemps said...

Yay! More photos please!!

penny said...

Happy one month Jackson! If he keeps busting out of his swaddle, check out the miracle blanket online... it will tell you how to use the one I gave you. It is pretty strong, and they like it tight! :) I can't believe he is one month already! Actually that was two days ago... now that I think about it. Neil is 7 months today! :) Loved all the gifts!! xoxo