Saturday, June 20, 2009


May and June are busy birthday months for us. Let's see if we can remember everyone in order...

Melissa - May 1st
Jackson - May 2nd
Granny MacGregor - May 28th
Joseph - May 31st
Scott - June 16th
Stephen - June 18th
Violet - June 18th
John - June 18th
Kristen - June 20th
Shannon - June 21st
Mom MacGregor - June 25th

I hope we're not forgetting anyone... Happy Mass Birthday! You all rock.

Today we helped Violet celebrate her 2nd birthday.

We went to Pump It Up, which is the same spot as Noelle's 29th birthday! Jackson was great, but I think he'll have more fun there when he can hold his head up.

Here are some random pics from the party

Dave gets some early
Father's Day love from Violet

I will choose to think little V is shooting the finger
at the camera, not the photographer

Someone - teach this girl to keep her eyes on the road!
Jackson does a little dance

Mommy and Jackson

Little Jackson in a big chair

Will sporting the pink shades

Jackson thinks

Rob, Elizabeth, Karin, Bethany, and Jill - "Old school" friends

Mommy and Jackson

Silly Lily


There were some issues with the flash today, but we're going to post a few pictures that didn't turn out well, but still should be shared...

Mimi almost hits Will

Mom and Violet go down the slide


penny said...

Jackson is not looking so little! He is starting to fill out!! I really can't wait to meet him!!!!!

Bethany said...

I love how V looks totally bored in the last photo.

Little J in the big cute!!!

Courtney said...

You forgot Zoe's birthday. :(

Jackson is starting to look a lot like Rob.