Sunday, June 28, 2009

8 Weeks

Jackson – You’re now 8 weeks old. You started the day off by giving Mommy a hard time. You are sick, so you have been fussy. While I was feeding you, you puked in my lap. After I finished, I spent 30 mins sucking snot out of your nose. Then, you pooped on me. Your daddy woke to me calling for help. He scooped you up to change you out of your poopy diaper and clothes. I joined him so we could attempt to get your onesie off without getting the poop in your hair or face. We gave you a pretty good wipe down and decided it was time for you to have your first shower. I went to start the water, and realized there was no hot water! I don’t like cold showers and baths, but you hate anything cold on your skin. Daddy went to the attic to check and sure enough, the pilot light was out on the water heater. Since it had been off all night I knew we’d have to wait for it to warm the water. After Daddy came down from the attic the fire alarm started beeping. Although we were pretty confident that it was just a low battery, since Daddy just lit a fire in the attic, he had to go back up to check and make sure there was not a fire in our attic. After all of this you looked at me and flashed me the biggest, cutest smile ever! That brings me to some of your firsts.

This month you learned to smile. Now, you could smile before, but it was accidental and usually related to gas. But, now… you smile on purpose! You smile when other people smile. You smile when people make silly faces at you. You smile when Mommy touches your nose. You smile when daddy snaps and claps at you. You smile when we read you a story and turn the page to a new animal. And sometimes, you just smile because you are starting to recognize Mommy and Daddy and you see us.

(This was your first smile caught on camera)

This month you had some first brushes. Grandma brushed your hair and gums for the first time. These activities made you smile, too. But, I think you will smile during anything if Grandma is doing it.

Hair brushing

At first you aren't sure if you will like it

But you do
Gum Brushing

This month you attended your first birthday party. Violet turned 2.
Following your first birthday party, you had your first sickness. I think it was worse for Mommy and Daddy than for you. At first you were just congested. We couldn’t put you on your back to sleep because you would choke and cough on your own snot. Then you had some trouble breathing. You had your first trip to the ER. Every few minutes your breathing stopped. It only stopped for about 10 seconds, but it scared us and we decided it was better to be safe than sorry. Luckily, your oxygen levels were okay, but they monitored you for a few hours and did a couple of tests. You had your first x-ray, which made you cry almost the whole time even though you cannot feel an x-ray. They also tested you for a respiratory infection. This meant they had to stick a tube down your nose to suck some liquid out. Even though you cried during the x-ray, you were a champ during this test and didn’t shed a tear! Even though we had a few sleepless nights, just watching you struggle to breathe, hearing your congestion, and seeing your red eyes was the hardest part.

This month you met two of your great aunts and first-cousin-once-removed for the first time. They thought you were beautiful. You smiled for Aunt Shelly and fell asleep in Aunt Lori’s arms. Hopefully, they will come back and visit you again.

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The Carter's said...

Christ on a cracker, y'all have had a rough couple of weeks. Hope Jackson's feeling better and I'm sorry you had to go through that--I can only imagine how scary it must have been.

Love to all three of you.