Monday, December 6, 2010

School Update for Jackson

We received an update on Jackson at school today. Here's what we were told:

1. Jackson doesn't stop talking. He talks more than his classmates. This could be trouble later in life...
2. He is OCD about cleaning and picking up. When they play outside and it's time to line up the toys against the wall, he rushes over to put stuff away first. Then, he goes behind his friends and fixes anything that is out of place or is crooked. He didn't get this from us...
3. Jackson loves books. He will drop whatever he's doing if his teacher takes out a book.
4. He loves singing. Anytime he is upset about anything, they sing to him and he's happy again.

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Penny Morris said...

The OCD totally reminds me of William who organizes everything by color... in lines... fixes out of place things.. My house is filled with lines of toys and trains and items... and then Neil likes to smash it all like Godzilla. :)