Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Christmas

Jackson has been insisting that we read The Night Before Christmas nearly every morning since he found it on his bookshelf back in early November. He always wanted to read it at 6am - usually 2-3 times. Finally, I moved the book to his bedroom so he couldn't hand it to me in the morning. This means we have been reading the book in the evenings instead. Somehow it's more tolerable at 7pm than 6am. Out of nowhere tonight he started yelling, "Happy Christmas" while we were reading. One thing I have learned as a photographer, is never to have your child say "cheese" for a picture. Apparently someone (I'm guessing school) has been telling Jackson to say, "cheese" for pictures because that's what he says at the beginning of the video as soon as he sees the camera.


Granddad and Grandma MacGregor said...

Neil has just watched this twenty times in a row!

Rory-n-Jeremy said...

Sooo cute! =) I think I've found a fellow Christmas-lover!