Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jackson - 19 Months

Oh Jackson.

You have quite the personality coming out. Within a five minute span you are bossy, sweet, stubborn, smart, and funny.

You love to talk, talk, talk, and talk. For a while we kept up with how many words you were using, but once you reached 50 we stopped counting. You're learning so much, so quickly. Not just from us, but from school, too. You surprise us almost daily with something you learned at school. You love your teachers, they love you, and you and your classmates are really becoming buddies. You haven't said Ms. Tiffany's name yet, but you call Ms. Lalita, "Lita." When you arrive at school, one of your friends says, "Jackson!!!" and runs to get you a puzzle to play with while the other kids eat breakfast. It's very sweet.

You are putting words together. These are your most common word combinations:
Bye-bye airplane.
Bye-bye {Insert any word here}.
Big truck.
Big bus.
Green fish.
Watch out Teddy!

You spoke your first "complete" sentence. It wasn't something sweet like, "I love you." No. It was bossy. "Mama, sit down." "Dada, sit down." Not only do you like to tell us to sit down, you even like to decide in which chair we sit.

You love to sing. Your favorites are "The Wheels on the Bus," "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," and "The ABCs." Sometimes, you combine the songs and go from singing ABCDE and switch to "up above the sky so high." (It's the same tune, so that's fine.)

You still love to read books. When you and Mommy read in the morning, you were requesting to read The Night Before Christmas 1-2 times per morning. You've moved away from that (thank goodness). You love your bug pop-up books and If you Give a Pig a Pancake.

You love your Little People sets. Your current favorite is the bus. You have one man who is the "bus driver." Really he's the mechanic from another set, but we think that you think he's the bus driver because he has tires and it makes you think about the wheels on the bus that go 'round and 'round.

Oh and you can throw a fit. Most of the time you're playful, sweet, and happy as can be. But, when we want you to do something you don't want to do - you're NOT. You will straighten your arms, tighten your hands into fists and scream. And you can scream. Luckily it doesn't happen often because it drives Mommy and Daddy nuts.

We started using 90 second time-outs. You picked up on it pretty quickly. It's hit or miss with you. You will go sit down in the right stop when you're told to go to time-out. Sometimes you laugh hysterically, sometimes you cry, and sometimes you just sit there quietly.

You love your blankets now. In the morning, your blanket must accompany you to the breakfast table. You like to carry them around even though they're very long, so you fall over a lot. Sometimes you fall down and just decide to nap right there for a few seconds. It's scary and entertaining.

A few weeks ago, we found out what lotion we should apply to help clear up some eczema on your elbow. It cleared it up after a day or two, but we still put it on you because you love it so much. You tell us "elbow" after your bath, and if you refuse to help us put pants on, you'll be told you won't get lotion on your elbow if you aren't wearing pants. That does the trick. What a bizarre bargaining chip you've given us.

Your memory is amazing/scary - amazing in that you can remember names of friends and stuffed animals you haven't seen in months, scary in that you might be remembering other things we haven't realized yet. (I think I see a swear jar in Daddy's future.) Anyway, when you saw a picture of Emily the other week, you knew exactly who she was and told us so. That was pretty neat.

All in all you're a great kid and we're so lucky to have you. We love you, and we know you'll be such a great big brother in less than a hundred days. We've loved our time with just you, but we're so excited that our family will grow so soon and that your little brother will be welcomed into such a great family.

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