Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jackson's First Trip to the Reynolds' House

On Friday we planned on heading to San Antonio first thing in the morning. Just as we were wrapping up packing we got a call from Shannon that Emily was sick. Since we haven't seen the Reynolds in a while we were very disappointed. Luckily, Emily was better soon and we were able to head up Saturday morning.

Every time we are in San Antonio we visit Picante Grill for some Mexican food. They have the best tortilla soup ever as well as good tea, salsa, chalupas, and whatever crazy soup Rob gets. Unfortunately, Rob had a tiny chicken bone in his soup - which led to a bad experience for Rob. He can tell more about that later. We ended up getting a $10 gift card, but Rob did not feel that adequately made up for his experience. Since 281 was closed at Hildebrand, we arrived a little later than expected, but were greeted by some happy girls! Boy do we love these girls.

We got to spent a lot of time just hanging out -which was nice. We got to catch up and play with the kids. Maddie and Emily love Jackson and were so gentle with him. It was incredibly sweet!

Emily spent a lot of her time kissing, tickling, playing with, and watching over Jackson.

We enjoyed some cherries

Book reading

Some sticker time
and Coloring

Maddie loves Rob

Jackson loved the attention from Emily and Maddie

Emily liked holding Jackson's hand

And was very careful when she held him

How cute is she?

Did she learn this from Mommy or Daddy?

We tried to take a Mommies and kiddos picture, but we couldn't get everyone on sync.

First Maddie was not happy posing.

Joe was able to cheer her up

So we could get this picture

We tried again.

I got a kiss from Emily

And then she was finished with us

Maybe next time...


The Kemps said...

Love it, love it, love it all.

Rob MacGregor said...

Not sure what you're trying to say there, Felicia.

Bethany said...

Was this written as a "How You SHOULD Treat Jackson" for a certain someone I know?

Noelle MacGregor said...

Haha, no. Em was gentler than the average adult!

penny said...

Jackson is a biggun! He must be sucking the life force out of you Noelle!! Burning through calories... the best part of breastfeeding! Looks like you guys had a great time and I am glad Jackson's first road trip was a success!!!