Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Ruffles

Ruffles - Happy 3rd Birthday. Thank you for all the laughter you have brought to our lives. You are a good boy. You know how to sit, wait, shake, give a high five, and roll over. Of course you are selective as to when you do these things. You also can jump higher than any dog we have ever seen. You are in love with the neighbor dog. You sit by the back fence waiting for her to come out for hours upon hours without getting bored. When she finally comes out you two run back and forth along the fence line until you get too tired. Of course you are faster and always have to wait for her to catch up. Although you like to jump on people too much you would never hurt a fly and are so incredibly gentle with Jackson. You don't know this yet - but when he's a little older, Jackson will be your best friend.

We love you, pal.

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