Sunday, July 26, 2009


I have less than one week left in my masters program. I cannot wait for it to end, but between now and then I have a ton of work to do. In the past 3 days I have written five 2 pg papers and created one PowerPoint. Now, I have seven 1 pg papers and one huge research project left, as well as a 4 hour online test and 30 minute presentation. Currently, I am procrastinating. It's hard to work when everyone in the house is taking a nice, long afternoon nap.

Jackson sleeps
Rob sleeps
Even the puppies sleep


Unknown said...

..and you feel like this is when you should be making all kinds of progress, right? I know you won't but a nap might be the very thing you need to get some energy going.. especially brainpower.

penny Morris said...

nice shot of rob sleeping with the open mouth! :)

Rob MacGregor said...

Don't think there won't be a picture of Noelle asleep on here in less than a week. * Grumble grumble *

The Kemps said...

I love this post - so cute!