Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Apologies to the Neighbors

Our neighbors are great out here in Katy - one lends me tools when I attempt to live up to my XY Chromosomes, the other lent us aluminum foil when it came time for a barbecue. Their families are nice and respectful - Maria loves to play with our dogs, and the neighbor boy was correct when he said he could easily clean his paintball paint off of our fence. Whenever we jump on the trampoline (which has not been done in about a year, by the way), they send smiles and waves from their backyards. Schuley loves nothing more than playing with their dog Leah, even though Leah is about the size of ten Schuleys, aka a Dekaschuley, and the other neighbor's dogs are well trained enough to leave our dogs alone, even though they are probably Hectoschuleys.

So, why do I feel the need to torment my neighbors with the loudest dog shriek know to man? One of our dogs' tricks is the ability to wait, although the anticipation associated with "wait" slowly makes Ruffles go crazy. Observe. (It's Video Day here, apparently.)

So whenever I get the urge to test the dogs, which is probably twice a day at least, I will get them all riled up by asking "Outside? Outside?!" as I walk to the door. Then, they will sit and wait. The longer they wait, the louder Ruffles screams. It is awesome. Our neighbors must be disturbed by the unmanly scream of our little buddy, but they never ask us to see if we can keep our banshee from wailing randomly.

Jackson does not make too much noise yet... but I see all night dance parties in his future...

UPDATE - Okay, on watching this online, he barely dances in this clip. This might be one of those "parents see more than is there" things, but I swear he dances whenever he is near that toy.


The Kemps said...

No matter what, it's great to see videos of the family, esp. for those of us so far away. Also, you keep them short and sweet!

Anonymous said...

I miss Ruffles!

Courtney said...

OMG. Your dogs are awesome.