Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rob's First Father's Day

Yes, Father's Day was nearly a week ago, but as you can tell, we are behind in our postings.

Happy Father's Day, honey. I hope that you had a great day and felt well loved. I love you as my best friend. I love you as my husband. And now I love you as the father of my child. I love getting to see you experience new roles in life and love the way that you want to be everything for Jackson. You cherish every smile Jackson flashes, every stream of urine that hits you, me, or his own face, and every moment you get to spend with him. I love how you want to show him the world and look forward to many future adventures with him. I will never forget how moved you were the first time Jackson fell asleep in your arms after being upset. I know you will continue to grow as a father along side me as a grow as a mother. Together we will figure out this whole having a kid thing. I love you, babe. Happy Father's Day.

For Father's Day Jackson got crafty and made a decoupage clipboard for work. It has paper from children's stories, quotes about little boys, Jackson's birth information, and his footprints. Below is a picture of it and a couple of others.


The Kemps said...

I LOVE that cute little photo of him with the I heart Daddy shirt!

Joe and Shannon said...

so cute Noelle! Look at you being crafty! I'm impressed!