Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jackson gets a visit from Janeen

Janeen and her sister, Mariel, came out to visit Jackson for the first time. Although Rob and I both taught Janeen, she really helped me out a lot last year as my unofficial office worker. Jackson was mesmerized by her. Since Janeen talks a lot, we are guessing he remembered her voice from when he was in the womb. :) As you can see below, he can't take his eyes off her.


Anonymous said...

Jackson is the cutest baby ever!
Thank You for welcoming my sister and I to your home to meet him! I enjoyed the visit and I hope to see you in Colorado!
Best Wishes!

Anonymous said...

My little sister has the same exact musical table but hers is pink :']

b.t.w Your son is too cute for his own goodddd

-Otiti Elegon [periods 3rd and 4th]