Monday, January 4, 2010

Jackson Goes Back to School

Taking Jackson back to school was sad all over again. When we got there, all of Jackson's friends had been moved up from the "Snuggler" Room to the "Cuddler" Room. The babies left in there with him can't even sit up. But, Jackson was still happy - probably because it meant he got to see someone besides Mommy and Daddy.

When I went to feed him at lunch today, someone from the office approached me about transitioning Jackson up to the next room. Despite our apprehension because we don't know the teachers in the next room well, and we love his current teachers, at least his friends are already in there. We took him in there for a bit when we picked him up today and he was laughing and playing with his little friends. Very cute.

You know what's not cute? Over the break, we were LUCKY is all of Jackson's naps in the day TOTALED two hours. I don't know if that happened more than a couple of times. Today, Jackson's THIRD nap of the day was over two hours! Nice. Thanks little J.


Joe and Shannon said...

Isn't that frustrating!! It always seems like other people can get my kids to sleep better than I can

Kristen T said...

class transition is always harer on mom and dad than on the little ones, especially if the school does it right.